Code Of Conduct
General Principles
  • Students are always expected to behave in a courteous and considerate manner towards each other, all members of staff and visitors to the school.
  • Students are expected to abide by school rules regarding appearance and behavior when representing the school
    both during school hours and after school hours, at school and away from school.
  • No student has the right at any time to behave in a manner that will disrupt the learning activity of other learners or will cause another learner physical or emotional harm.
  • The school will contact parents/guardians when a student’s behavior becomes a cause of concern and will endeavor, in a spirit of constructive partnership, to resolve the problem.
General Rules
  • Willful damaging, vandalizing or neglect of school property and the property of others, either by writing or by a physical
    act, is prohibited. Theft of school and private property is also prohibited.
  • Any act of cheating in class work, homework, informal and
    formal tests or internal or external examination is prohibited. Furthermore, copying of and/or borrowing another learner’s work is forbidden.
  • Disruptive, unruly, rude and/or offensive behavior will not be tolerated.
  • The learner will respect the beliefs, culture, dignity and
    rights of other learners, as well as their right to privacy and confidentiality.
  • Language that is seen as pejorative, discriminatory or racist is prohibited.
  • Any act that belittles, demeans, or humiliates another learner’s culture, race or religion is prohibited.
Dress Code
  • You should dress appropriately for the lessons you are
    studying and follow subject expectation for uniforms.

    • Boys Uniform — Light blue polo shirt, Khaki pants, and Black sneakers.
    • Girls Uniform —Khaki or navy blue uniform dress, and Black
  • You should not wear clothing that reveals the belly nor under garments.
  • You should not wear clothing with offensive designs, logos,
    or text.
  • Arrive on time AND come prepared.
  • Follow all teacher/instructor instructions.
  • Engage and participate in lessons.
  • Meet your deadlines.
  • Unless otherwise directed; phone must be put away.
  • Do not consume any food or drinks during your lesson especially when working on computers.
  • Take ownership of your learning and seek help when you feel
    you need it.

Communications will be sent out the last day of each school week. It is your responsibility to ensure that home addresses, phone numbers and email addresses are kept current. You should:

  • Attend student briefing as required.
  • Check emails each morning and during the day.
  • Follow the Attendance Policy and always us of any absence.
  • Talk to us if you have any worries or concerns.
Mobile Phones
  • You are allowed to bring mobile phones into the classroom
    but do so at your own risk. Southern Academy Christian School does not
    accept any liability for the loss or theft of such items.
  • Phones should be turned off during class time.You are expected to use these only during lunch and non-contact time and not in lessons (unless there is an appropriate reason to do so).
  • We have a zero tolerance to drug possession and consumption before or during the school day. If you are suspected of this, you may lose your place at the school.
  • No smoking onsite.
  • Use of Electronic Cigarettes are not permitted onsite.
Communal Areas

All staff and students who attend Southern Academy Christian School have access to communal areas. To ensure the space is comfortable and fit for purpose, you should:

  • ALWAYS pick up trash.
  • No public displays of affection, except with family members
    (i.e., child, parent, spouse).
  • Understanding that professional meetings take place in the
    building and visitors are often invited in, be considerate with
    noise and conduct within communal spaces.